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How to create and add a button for a buttons websites menu

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Q: What I want to do is pretty straight forward: Create an attractive button to insert into my already existing website.
Specifically, instead of a text link I want to use a button link. I know how to cut and paste images and I can cut and paste pre-written html code into the page ...

Please provide step by step instructions on how to create and add a button for the buttons websites.

A: To create Vista Buttons you should do the following things:

1. Add top buttons in the menu. Click "Add item" on the Toolbar
2. Select all buttons. Press "Ctrl + A"
3. Assign the button's theme to your buttons. Double click on the button's theme you like.
4. Select one of the top buttons.
5. Click "Add Submenu" button.
6. To add items in this submenu you should click "Add item" button.
"Add Submenu" button adds new level of submenu only.
7. Press "Ctrl + A"
8. Assign the submenu theme. Double click on the submenu theme you like.
9. Then you should adjust menu appearance. Select item in the menu or submenu. Set item's text, link, icons and so on. Use "Buttons" and "Submenus" sheets for normal and mouseover states.
You can also select all items to set the common parameters for all menu items (for example font style).
10. When your menu is ready it is time to save your buttons on your html page.
11. You can use "Page insert" function to paste your menu into the existing html page. Click "Page insert" button. Open your html page. Find the place where you want to have your menu. Put your cursor in that place and click "Insert menu". Then save your html page.

You can also use "Save HTML" button to save your menu on html page. Then you should open saved html page, copy all code for Vista Buttons
<!-- Begin -->
<!-- End -->
and paste it on your html page in the correct place. You can do it in any text editor.

12. Now you'll have your .html page and folder with all images, .css and .js files.
13. You should upload .html and this folder on your server.

That is all.

Watch also our video tutorials:

Actually you can find all this info in our help.
and then open all pages in help step by step.

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