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Q: I use Geocities, and Yahoo! PageBuilder for my webspace editing. Can I use this system and have my website menus on it?  If so, how?  The organization I am with is a public school in Northeast Georgia, therefore Non-Profit, so do we have to purchase the "Buisness Edition" or can we use "Home Edition"?

A: Vista Buttons wasn't developed as Yahoo! PageBuilder extension, To install the website menus into your html page:

1. open the page in Yahoo! PageBuilder
2. open html source code of the page
3. add several rows of code

That's all.

See Home License you can use on the single computer only. If you want to use Vista Buttons on 3 computers you should buy Business license. If you want to use Vista Buttons on an unlimited number of computers you should buy Unlimited Business license.

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