The easy way creating great web pages – mobile-friendly and free.

What is it?

Offline website builder software tool helping you create amazing web pages without knowing any code – fun and easy.

For whom?

Regular people looking for a fast and easy solution for link in bio web page creation or professionals seeking a way to expand their workflow. Even kids can take their first steps into the web with it.


Fast results – almost no learning curve with the intuitive interface.
Stable and convenient environment.
Responsive pages – display best at any device.
Latest technologies and appearances – trendy Bootstrap 4 powered elements.



You can create your pages without getting in touch with the HTML and CSS code at all you don’t even need to know anything about it to create your first site.



Generate a mobile friendly website without efforts. Build them once – view them on any device and they will resize to still look great.


Start building immediately after the first launch of the program. Having fun and exploring your new tool you won’t even notice how you’ve created your first great page.


Content created is friendly to the search engine algorithms – gets easily read and indexed without any additional actions required.

Bootstrap based

HTML Editor creates pages using the Bootstrap responsive framework. All the themes are based on the latest version 4 which was just released this year.

Modern blocks

The so-called “bricks” you’ll build your site with are created following the latest trends in web design. They are functional, beautiful and clean.

Beautiful themes

Get different looks with the predefined themes. All the blocks in a theme follow same guidelines to relay different moods to the viewer.

website template editor


Get and use it free of charge from the first day. You won’t be asked to pay for creating your personal or business pages later on. Use it for as many pages and sites you want.



With these blocks, you can add multiple changing images or create slides with the content you find important. If you need you can even add multiple buttons in each bootstrap carousel.


A thumbnail bootstrap image gallery holding images being displayed in a full-screen lightbox upon click. Images can hold one or multiple tags to be displayed by the built-in filtering function.


With these blocks, you can add multiple changing images or create slides with the content you find important. If you need you can even add multiple buttons in each slide.


Just like videos you can add images as background for your Website Editor blocks. Setting it to scroll slower than the site content creating a bootstrap parallax effect is done by just a single click.

Images and video

Images are added through a dialog box similar to the open file one. Once added they resize to fit the placeholders beautifully. Videos get embedded by just pasting their YouTube or HTML5 Video.

Contact forms

This feature comes along with a service handling the information filled in the forms so just filling in your email is just enough. If you need though you can assign your own form handler.

Mobile menu

The menu bootstrap navigation are 100% responsive and reshape for optimal display on any device. All the changes applied to it get reflected in all the pages.

Google Maps

Use the google maps service and have maps taking a part or a full-width segment. Setting them up narrows to typing down the address.

Social share

There is an easy way sharing your pages in any of the most popular social platforms with the block specially designed for this. All you need is adding it to your project.


In the website editor there are all the blocks necessary for creating a rich and appealing article with headings, subheading, images, videos, different column layouts and quotes.


You can add it to any of the blocks in your project by just pasting the YouTube share link in the settings. To help the content stand up a solid color overlay with adjustable opacity is available.



If you need you can warn your visitors about the usage of cookies on your site – there is a setting for this – all you need is type your own text in it.


You can add your favorite tracks or an entire music feed the same way you add videos – by just pasting the link in the block’s settings field.


You can show your clients and share what they say about you with the testimonials blocks – flexible enough to hold just a few lines or an entire paragraph.


There is a special field for placing you tracking code from Google – it starts working immediately without any extra actions from your side.

Full-screen intros

These blocks resize to fit the entire screen on any device. They come as a standalone content block or as a slider letting you set the focus on what’s important.


You can show your clients and share what they say about you with the testimonials blocks – flexible enough to hold just a few lines or an entire paragraph.

Price tables

This feature is also available in Visual Web Editor. They are flexible, rich of content placeholders and give the possibility of outlining an option as promo or best buy.

Social feed

Feeds from multiple social networks can be gathered and presented in a single block on your site. Adding few feeds from the same platform or omitting one is also available.


Your visitors can leave their comments using the profiled they already have from Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ and so on without an extra registration required.

For Mac and Win now, for iOs and Android soon

The Free Web Editor supports multiple operating systems. So far it can be installed on Windows and Mac and soon – on Android and iOS mobile devices.



Following the latest trends Mobirise bootstrap theme builder sites come with built in amination functionality. You can animate your entire site with just a single click.

Google fonts

The big G sets standards for many things. All the content in best Website Editor is presented with fonts from the Google Fonts library and there are more of them if you want different looks.

Icons/Icon font

More than 6000 fancy icons can be included in the content created with HTML Website Editor. All the famous web icon fonts are included and new additions regularly fill in their number.

Host where you want

Unlike most of the other super easy web building solutions, with Mobirise, you are not limited to host on specific site and have access to all your HTML content anytime. Github Pages for example

Offline editor

Website Editor is an offline software. It gets installed on your computer and doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to function. You can publish on your hard drive and upload when and wherever you want. Try the Github pages option.

Multiple pages and sites

Web Editor is free to be used for as many pages and projects you desire. You don’t have limitations set either from the program or by the weight of the heavier projects.

In-app preview (mobile/tablet/desktop)

You are working on the live view of your future site maintaining control over its look at all time – the way you see it in Website Editor is the way it will appear in your browser.

Optimization OF images for the web

Images you include can be either automatically reduced without significant loss of quality for better performance or left as are to keep its exact view.

Drag-n-drop creation

Creating in Mobirise is as intuitive as working with your hands – you just drag out the blocks you need and place them wherever they are needed.


Setting up the blocks comes to be from a convenient control panel each block has built in – with it, you can achieve multiple appearances for a very same element.


You can experiment with different appearances of your entire site through the style changer panel replacing the color and font schemes globally.

Custom blocks

any block customized with content and appearance can be saved as a new element to save you time and efforts repeating same actions over and over again.


This editor’s capabilities can be expanded further with the multiple extensions available. To keep things simple you can add only the ones you need and just when you need them. 


This extension gives you the power to access the HTML code of all blocks and add your favorite custom styling CSS snippets. It’s designed for optimal convenience with a two steps approach in editing the blocks. If you just apply styling CSS declarations work along with the Website Editor engine leaving you the inline editing and block settings panel which disappear only if you unlock the HTML code of the block. Unlocking the HTML gives you full access to the snippet of the block and therefore the options panel for this block cease to exist. You can freely use snippets from any block, combine them with others or your ones or start from scratch with the Custom HTML block.


Excellent compilation of impressive and functional blocks to expand the functionality of Website Editor and allow you to build practically anything without getting in touch with the code. Alongside with the beautiful new appearances, you’ll find new impressive functionalities to help you impress your visitors and showcase your content at its best. Anything can be created with the blocks pack for Website Editor Software.


Excellent tool to support your content, make it more appealing and easier to be understoo. Icons take place as placeholders in multiple blocks and can also be inserted in buttons, navigation links, contacts blocks, and many others. What’s more important the icons library is rich enough to cover different views like simple, detailed, thin, thick, crafted as mini images and so and have enough (over 6000 and more are coming ) items to cover almost any concept needed to be presented. In addition, you don’t have to settle for the styling of the element you insert your icons in – each icon can be set with its own size and color or maintain the default ones.


This is an amazing Website Editor extension. It actually is much more than what the name states. The WOW slider extension is a set of impressive transitions, a library of carefully crafted controls, set of predefined sizes and a library of ready-made combinations of the features listed above looking great out of the box. All the possible combinations of all the available options could produce thousands of iterations and probably most of them will look good. Just a few examples – spinning 3d cube, book with turning pages, moving viewport making still image to look like a short movie and much more.

Paypal Cart

with this extension you can link your site with the PayPal payment service. Any button or link element can be assigned with the Buy! or Add to cart functionalities and the shopping cart can be freely customized in looks. Multiple currencies are also supported. Creating a shop with Free Website Editor gives you the freedom to arrange it any way you want – not following any grid restrictions as in CMS solutions. Each product can be presented and described in a unique way.


Great theme showing off with its clean and simple beauty – the frame doesn’t interfere the visitor viewing the picture. Focus is set to content and multiple means of presenting it in a clean and trustworthy way are provided. This theme is perfect for expressing ideas and creating business portfolios. A hand full of small convenient details makes browsing the sites done with SpaceM convenient and fast – contact link is set to invoke the applications handling them as a phone or email client, some of the effects are turned off for simple beauty and faster performance, buttons are rounded for friendlier and trustworthy appearance.


This pearl in Free Website Editor’s crown comes to spread a calm mood and a bit nostalgic appearance – just like the last days of august. The whole set of elements as colors, fonts, buttons appearance and so on are picked up together for presenting your content in a soft and friendly way in order to get the viewer’s sympathy with each scroll down. This bootstrap 4 theme is perfect for blogs, charities, and personal pages of artists – generally anything aiming for the user’s heart.

Starting up with Web Editor is as easy as a play

All you need to do is to pick up a block from the ones in your right side panel which you think gets closer to the way you imagine a segment of your content – you call it from the red plus button. Any block can be customized through its properties panel – the blue gear icon. A good idea is playing with all the options for any block – this way you’ll get a better idea of its capabilities and in time will know better which block can fit better your content. On the top white bar you’ve got some self-explanatory icons as different views like Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop, preview (the eye) and publish – switch between views any time and see how the site will look right in Maker window. Publish your site locally or use the built-in FTP upload function. Load a project at its published state importing the Website Editor Software project file generated upon publishing. Add pages to your project, change titles, descriptions and place tracking code from the submenus in hamburger menu. Change entirely the project’s colors and fonts through the style changer – the blue brush over the plus icon.


Free for commercial and non-profit projects.